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MPG Universal Marine Grease 
A premium quality anhydrous grease enhanced with water repellant solid lubricants for use in marine 
applications requiring aqueous resistance. 

MPG Universal Marine Grease is a multi-purpose lithium based grease containing a zinc oxide additive,
making it particularly suitable for use on marine outboard and inboard engines.
MPG is ideally suited for boat trailer hubs and stern tubes due to its thermally sensitive construction.


Excellent water resistance 
Good oil separation 
Good mechanical stability 
Good sealing properties 
Good oxidation stability 
Wide temperature range 
Can be used in anti-friction and plain bearings and pumping equipment where ingress of water has 
previously reduced lubricant effectiveness 

A calcium hydroxy stearate soap dispersed in a mineral oil, interpreted by IRAC as being non-carcinogenic. 

Typical Physical Characteristics 

Appearance                                         Medium fibred grease 
Colour                                                 White 
Worked penetration (IP50)                  220-250 
NLGI classification                             3 
Dropping point (IP132)                      140°C 
Operating temperature range              -10°C to +120°C 
Free acidity (as oleic IP37)                 0.02% 
Free alkalinity (as hydroxide IP37)    0.05% 
Oil separation (IP121)                         5% 
Copper corrosion (IP112)                  Negative `  
Aluminium corrosion (Mod IP112)   Negative 
Mild steel corrosion (Mod IP112)     Negative 
Water washout (IP215) @38°C         2% 
                                      @79°C         5% 
Water resistance (DIN 51807)           Fully resista

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