Airmousse Soft Enduro

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Airmousse have a global leading and innovated foam rubber mousse technology and implements the latest high-tech solutions and materials to ensure a driving experience and sustainability for all other brands on the market.

The composition not only gives a very easy feeling but allows the driver to seal directly without running-in time, Soft Enduro have great advantage of Little Shrinkage, Extreme Soft and Strong Grip than any other Soft Mousse. Besides this, the durability is also twice as long as "over 12 months". Developed in collaboration with the elite in MX and Enduro.

Includes 85g gel tube on delivery.

Tyre fitment guide
348-10181590/90-21-80/100-210,5 bar
348-10181690/100-210,5 bar
348-101814140/80-180,5 bar
348-101919140/100-180,5 bar

Convertion Chart - Bar to PSI

Pressure - BarToPSI

Made of fourth generation foam rubber material. Its soft structure provides optimal grip in more extreme and difficult situations. No due date and highly effective design with low shrink rate. The anti-age formula reduce greatly damage from outside shocking force...

In general mousses are known to be a compromise in performance on some level, but AirMousse dramatically enhances the positives while greatly reducing the negatives.


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