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Quickly identifiable during an emergency due to red coloured PACKOUT™ Compact Organiser.

Part of the PACKOUT™ modular storage system.

Constructed with impact resistant polymers for jobsite durability.

IP65 rated weather seal to keep out rain and jobsite debris.

The interior features 5 removable & mountable bins.

No-travel bins seals to prevent the bins contents from migrating between bins during transport.

DIN 13157 compliant first aid kit.

Contents: 1x Burn Dressing, DIN 13152-A, 60 x 80 cm; 4x Disposable gloves, vinyl; 2x Triangular bandage, DIN 13168 white, 96 x 96 x 136 cm; 

3x First Aid Dressings, DIN 13151-M; 1x First Aid Dressing, DIN 13151-G; 1x First Aid Dressing, DIN 13151-K; 2x Conforming bandages, 

DIN 61634, 6 cm x 4 m; 2x Conforming bandages, DIN 61634, 8 cm x 4 m; 2x Eye compresses, oval, 50 x 70 mm; 1x Scissors, DIN 58279-B190 bent; 

1x Rescue blanket, 210 x 160 cm, gold/silver; 1x Adhesive tape, DIN 13019, 2.5 cm x 5 m; 8x Adhesive dressings, DIN 13019, 10 cm x 6 cm; 5x Fleece ; 

6x Compresses, 10 x 10 cm; 2x Film bags, resealable; 4x Fingertip dressings 12 x 2 cm; 4x Fingertip dressings 4 x 7 cm; 4x Plaster strips, DIN 13019, 

19 x 72 mm; 8x Plaster strips, DIN 13019, 25 x 72 mm; 1x Instant cold compress; 1x First aid instructions; 1x List of contents DIN 13157


PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONSPackout First Aid Kit DIN 13157Packout First Aid Kit DIN 13157
Article Number4932478879
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