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SET/SS8X1/4TC - Trend 12 Piece 1/4in Shank TCT Router Cutter Set - Ideal Starter / Entry Level Set For Smaller 1/4in Collet Routers.

This twelve piece cutter set contains a range of the most widely used cutters for decorative woodworking.

  • Excellent value for money, offering a range of the most popular cutters for decorative and constructional woodworking.
  • Solid carbide brazed cutting tips ensure excellent performance and durability in abrasive materials including ply and MDF as well as being perfect for hard and softwoods.
  • 1/4in shank ideal for smaller routers and an excellent way to experiment and learn routing techniques without expensive outlay.
  • Supplied in a durable plastic storage case with identification indicators for quick profile recognition and selection
    • 1 x Straight cutter 6.3mm x 16mm
    • 1 x Straight cutter 12.7mm x 19mm
    • 1 x Dovetail 104 deg x 1/2"
    • 2 x Guided Round Over radius 6.35mm & 9.5mm
    • 1 x Guided Chamfer 45 deg
    • 1 x Guided Rebater 9.5mm
    • 1 x Guided Trimmer 12.7mm
    • 1 x Guided Cove radius 6.3mm
    • 1 x 'V' Groove 45 deg
    • 1 x Core Box radius 6.35
    • 1 x Guided Ogee radius 4mm

SET/SS8X1/4TC - Trend 12 piece 1/4in shank TCT Router Cutter Set - ideal starter / entry level set for smaller 1/4in collet routers.

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