Stock Code: B/4970

RRP: £79.20

Out Of Stock

Complete Sticker Kit for all Sherco Trials Bike from 2006 to 2009

Sherco are now no longer making the individual stickers for these old bikes, only a complete kit to cover a range of years.

So once our stock has gone that is it and only kits will be available from now on.

Part Numbers it will replace once gone are:

B/C718, B/C719, B/C720, B/C747, B/C748, B/C749, B/C750, B/C715

B/1091, B/1090, B/1115, B/1112, B/1111, B/1094, B/1095, B/1089, B/1393, B/1392, B/1394

B/1478, B/1477, B/1578, B/1577, B/1576, B/1479, B/1476, B/2020, B/2021, B/2022, B/2019

B/2041, B/2023, B/2042, B/2043

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