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Now use Part Number 8090

This will now require a little work to fit but instructions are below to see and is not a lot of work to do.

Sherco Long Ride Fuel Tank & Seat for 125,250 & 300

Simple assembly

Sherco says install of the new tank kit takes less than five minutes. A manual is included and tells you how to assemble 

the ‘Long Ride Kit’ in seven simple steps. The kit includes a manifold, a fuel tank, three fuel lines, saddle, brackets and bolts. 

Ref # 8580

Fitting Instructions:

1. Look at the normal plastic tank how it slots in.

2. Take the front mounting plate for the tank and cut the front point off it. You need to cut the front so it is a V at the front. This is so it slots in but clears the map switch. You might need to reduce the external width as well.

3. Use roughly 5mm of spacer between the plate and the tank, so there is a gap large enough to slot in the front. Do not use the front mounting screw, or it will not mount far enough forward into the frame.

4. Unlike the TY there's no mount for the petcock on the frame. If you want the petcock out the way without building a mount.

5. Use a long M5 bolt with penny washer and 5mm rubber washer.

6. Slot this through the front drain hole in the tank under the seat.

7. Mount the petcock to the bottom of the tank, again with rubber washer, and with a nylock nut. Don't overtighten.

8. Route the tank-petcock fuel lines short without kinking

9. Route the petcock-carb fuel line long enough to allow tank removal and fitting.


Putting the petcock on the bottom of the tank is fiddly but the best to keep it self-contained. This way it's very fast to remove when necessary

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