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ROCS X-Trig triple clamps for KYB Forks

ROCS X-trig triple trees have the X-clamp 

system: a system which, thanks to the 

eccentric steering column axle, allows 

the motorcycle caster angle (off-set) to 

be quickly changed. This angle is calculated 

in relation to the distance between the steering 

column axis and the center of the fork legs via 

a vertical axis.

Modifying this changes the behavior (handling) of the motorcycle; it allows you to adjust the 

front axle according to the type of terrain (fast or a technical circuit).

Factory setting: 20mm / X-Trig setting: 20 or 22mm

These ROCS X-Trig triple trees also have many other advantages:

- Improved responsiveness of the fork: perfect roundness in the clamping zone, even under load.
- Higher resistance to turning and anti-deformation of the fork tubes when tightening the clamps.
- Better rigidity of the front axle for optimal operation of the fork.
- Secure tightening thanks to the opposite location of the screws.
- Extremely high quality of the machining and finishing.
- Reinforced aluminum.
- Developed in collaboration with the greatest MX GP teams in the most extreme conditions.
- Indicator located on the upper tee to show the offset chosen.
- Supplied with the lower bearing mounted on the steering column.
- The diagonal cut of the lower crown allows the tightening to be evenly distributed to avoid any deformation of the fork tubes.
- Tightening torques indicated on the 2 trees.
- Completely replaces the original triple trees.
- Color of the anodizing provides a "factory" appearance.
- The installation of the X-trig ROCS trees will provide improved performance and riding pleasure at every level.

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