KYT Sky Hawk Digger - Gloss White/Red

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    • Outer shell made of TRI-Fiber Composite material (a combination of carbon Kevlar and fiber glass) to obtain the best structuralresistance
  • SIZE
    • The helmet have 2 shells sizes to optimize the morphologic adjustment
    • Available size: XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL
    • Removable and washable Cheek pads and inner comfort liners
    • Double D-Ring retention system: this reliable and tested double D-Ring system ensure stability, safety, and resistance
ECE gr. 1100±50


EU - ECE 22-05 Approved  -   UK ACU Gold Stamp Approved


Shell made of TRI-fiber composite that allows to get a lighter shell but, at the same time, a more protective
The outer shell, made of tricarboco fiber, a mix of kevlar, carbon and fiberglass with different weights/breaking loads linked up; loads, linked up with aramid resins ensures a lighter, harder more safety and impact resistant shell
To satisfy even the most demanding and professional riders, SKY HAWKE is made in 2 different shells: M and L.
The internal polystyrene is made of 2 different sizes to obtain the best ergonomics with different thickness. This characteristic allows a gradual and progressive absorption of the impact force generated by an impact. Although most of the energy due to an impact is absorbed by the outer protective shell due to its deformation, the role of polystyrene is decisive for the absorption of residual energy. A different density of the same polystyrene allows to optimize the mechanical performance of the shell-polystyrene complex, ensuring the maximum degree of absorption in all areas of the helmet itself.

Inner liner and cheek pads are removable, washable and replaceable.
They are in precious bielastic fabric with specific fibers that offer the following characteristics:
• Rapid flow of moisture from the water
• Maintaining optimal temperature
• Light, soft and breathable fabric


The air intakes are designed to increase internal comfort, the air flow is channeled into the inner shell through 4 large front openings protected by solid metal meshes.
The internal polystyrene protection and comfort liners have been optimized to work in symbiosis with the large air intakes. 
The particular grooves, made on polystyrene, allow the incoming air flow to have optimal ventilation inside the helmet and, at the same time, a quick exhaust of the hot air flows coming out from the rear air intakes.


helmet must fit tightly

OUTER SHELL in tricarboco material, mix of Kevlar, carbon and fibre, joint through resin hand made using new technologies, which foresee aramidic resins.
INTERNAL POLYSTYRENE protective lining, available in three sizes (S, M and L). The special shape and construction in different density increases mechanical resistance in the event of accidental shock. Inner channels studied in the wind tunnel guarantee a perfect ventilation. 

Insert the free side of the strap in the rings. Pull the end until the strap presses firmly against the jaw. 
After this operation, it should not be possible to remove the helmet. Verify that by grabbing it from the back and rotating it to the front it cannot be removed and it is fixed to the head. If the helmet tends to come off or rotates freely, tighten the strap again until the right pressure is obtained and repeat test.
If after repeating the test you are not able to efficiently tighten the retention system, do not use the helmet. Only after checking the correct tension of the strap, fix the free end locking it with the automatic stud to the release tab.
The automatic stud is necessary only to fix the free end of the strap to prevent it from flapping while riding. Fixing the release button does not assure that the helmet is correctly in position and properly fastened: the correct locking of the strap must be verified exclusively following the above paragraphs.
To release the retention system, release the automatic stud button and pull the release tab to loosen the closure. Slide out the free end of the strap from the «D Rings». Use the release tab only to remove the helmet! Never release this tab while riding.






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In Cologne Show 2014 the cooperation between SUOMY and KYT closed, the top brand of an important Indonesian group, that has 70% of the national market and has been in the Asian market for 21 years, in order to create new growth perspective and a bilateral transmit of information between the two companies. 

For SUOMY, European distributor of the brand KYT, the synergy will be an important source of knowing as regards project and helmets production of big quantity, that KYT can face and distribute as leader in Asian market with many millions of produced units per year. 

For KYT the new partnership will be the occasion to learn from SUOMY the know-how linked to the production of racing helmets and to collect information, technologies and innovations that KYT transfers on its products come directly from the knowledge of our Racing Service thanks to the collaboration with all our professional riders.

2019 represents a year great news for this important company. The R&D department, located in Italy, designed and developed new models to satisfy the various identities of each motorcyclist.

NX RACE, FALCON 2, NF-J and Skyhawk are the new models to join the KYT Helmets range.

So, whichever soul your motorbike may have, just go out, get on your saddle, fasten your helmet and enjoy the ride.

For further details and information go to the website KYT -

About KYT

KYT was born from the enlightenment of the founder Mr Eddy Tedjakusuma, who in 1980 created the group PT Tara with success, today it is one of the biggest group producing helmets in the world. 

The project KYT starts in 1998 and was born with the aim to project and produce helmets giving the maximum attention to the performances and details and create a product for racing use. KYT quickly became an important brand thanks to the updated technologies and researches, it puts the know-how of racing helmets in the street ones. 

KYT got the collaboration of riders of different categories in the development and check of its helmets, they are the mean of communication for the world.

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