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Ø Outer: 220.00 mm
Ø Inner: 110.00 mm
Off set: 0.00 mm
Thickness: 5.00 mm
No. holes: 6
Ø between holes: 125.00 mm


GAS GASEC 350 F35021-DF606DF607
GAS GASEC 400 FSE40001-DF677DF607
GAS GASMC 12512521-DF606DF607
GAS GASMC 25025021-DF606DF607
GAS GASMC 250 F25021-DF606DF607
GAS GASMC 350 F35021-DF606DF607
GAS GASMC 450 F45021-DF606DF607
GAS GASMC 858521-DF794DF607
HUSABERG125 TE12511-DF606DF607
HUSABERG250 FE25013-DF606DF607
HUSABERG250 TE25011-DF606DF607
HUSABERG300 TE30011-DF606DF607
HUSABERG350 FE35013-DF606DF607
HUSABERG390 FE39010-DF606DF607
HUSABERG400 FE40000-DF606DF607
HUSABERG450 FC/FE45004-DF606DF607
HUSABERG450 FE45012-DF606DF607
HUSABERG450 FS45004-04 DF607
HUSABERG450 FSE45005- DF607
HUSABERG450 FX45010-DF606DF607
HUSABERG501 FE50113-DF606DF607
HUSABERG550 FC/FE55004-DF606DF607
HUSABERG570 FE57009-DF606DF607
HUSABERG570 FS57010-DF672DF607
HUSABERG650 FC/FE65004-DF606DF607
HUSABERG650 FS65003-03 DF607
HUSQVARNA125 TC12514-DF606DF607
HUSQVARNA125 TE12514-17DF606DF607
HUSQVARNA125 TE12521-DF606DF607
HUSQVARNA125 TX12518-DF606DF607
HUSQVARNA150 TE15022-DF606DF607
HUSQVARNA250 FC25014-DF606DF607
HUSQVARNA250 FE25014-DF606DF607
HUSQVARNA250 i TE25017-DF606DF607
HUSQVARNA250 TC25014-DF606DF607
HUSQVARNA250 TE25014-16DF606DF607
HUSQVARNA300 i TE30017-DF606DF607
HUSQVARNA300 TE30014-16DF606DF607
HUSQVARNA350 FC35014-DF606DF607
HUSQVARNA350 FE35014-DF606DF607
HUSQVARNA450 FC45014-DF606DF607
HUSQVARNA450 FE45014-DF606DF607
HUSQVARNA501 FE50114-DF606DF607
HUSQVARNA85 TC 17/14 19/168521-DF794DF607
KTM125 ENDURO12588-91 DF607
KTM125 ENDURO12592-92 DF607
KTM125 ENDURO12593-DF606DF607
KTM125 EXC12504-DF606DF607
KTM125 EXC/EGS/SX12595-03DF606DF607
KTM125 GS12589-90 DF607
KTM125 GS12591-92 DF607
KTM125 GS12593-93DF606DF607
KTM125 GS12594-94DF606DF607
KTM125 MX12588-88 DF607
KTM125 MX12589-91 DF607
KTM125 MX12592-95DF606DF607
KTM125 SX12504-14DF606DF607
KTM125 SX12515-DF606DF607
KTM125 SX12593-93DF606DF607
KTM125 SX12594-03DF606DF607
KTM125 WMX12588- DF607
KTM125 XC-W12519-DF606DF607
KTM144 SX14408-DF606DF607
KTM150 EXC TPI15021-DF606DF607
KTM150 SX15019-DF606DF607
KTM150 XC15010-14DF606DF607
KTM150 XC15015-DF606DF607
KTM150 XC-W15019-DF606DF607
KTM200 EGS20099-02DF606DF607
KTM200 EXC20004-DF606DF607
KTM200 EXC20098-03DF606DF607
KTM200 SX20003-03DF606DF607
KTM200 SX20004-DF606DF607
KTM250 F25006-DF606DF607
KTM250 EGS25099-DF606DF607
KTM250 ENDURO25088-91 DF607
KTM250 ENDURO25092-92DF606DF607
KTM250 ENDURO25093-DF606DF607
KTM250 EXC - TPI / SIX DAYS25019-DF606DF607
KTM250 EXC / 4T25003-03DF606DF607
KTM250 EXC / 4T25004-DF606DF607
KTM250 EXC F25015-DF606DF607
KTM250 EXC/EGS/SX25094-02DF606DF607
KTM250 GS25089-90 DF607
KTM250 GS25091-92 DF607
KTM250 GS25093-93DF606DF607
KTM250 GS25094-DF606DF607
KTM250 MX25003-DF606DF607
KTM250 MX25089-91 DF607
KTM250 MX25092-92 DF607
KTM250 SX25003-DF606DF607
KTM250 SX25094-02DF606DF607
KTM250 SX F25015-DF606DF607
KTM250 SX, EGS, EXC25093-93DF606DF607
KTM250 XC / F / W25006-14DF606DF607
KTM250 XC / F / W25015-DF606DF607
KTM300 ENDURO30092-92DF606DF607
KTM300 ENDURO30093-DF606DF607
KTM300 EXC30003-03DF606DF607
KTM300 EXC30004-DF606DF607
KTM300 EXC - E30008-DF606DF607
KTM300 EXC - F / SIX DAYS30019-DF606DF607
KTM300 EXC - TPI / SIX DAYS30019-DF606DF607
KTM300 GS30091- DF607
KTM300 MXC30004-DF606DF607
KTM300 SX, EGS, EXC30093-03DF606DF607
KTM300 XC / W30006-DF606DF607
KTM350 ENDURO35088- DF607
KTM350 EXC F35012-DF606DF607
KTM350 LC4 EXC35094-DF606DF607
KTM350 MX35091-91 DF607
KTM350 MX35092-DF606DF607
KTM350 SX F35011-DF606DF607
KTM350 SX FACTORY35010-DF606DF607
KTM350 WMX35088- DF607
KTM350 XC F35011-DF606DF607
KTM400 EXC40004-DF606DF607
KTM400 LC4 EGS40094-95DF606DF607
KTM440 SX44094-DF606DF607
KTM450 EXC45003-03DF606DF607
KTM450 EXC45004-DF606DF607
KTM450 EXC - F / SIX DAYS45019-DF606DF607
KTM450 EXC - R45008-DF606DF607
KTM450 MXC45004-DF606DF607
KTM450 SMR45007-DF672DF607
KTM450 SX45003-DF606DF607
KTM450 SXF45007-DF606DF607
KTM450 XC45006-DF606DF607
KTM450 XC SIX DAYS45010-DF606DF607
KTM500 EXC50014-DF606DF607
KTM500 EXC - F / SIX DAYS50019-DF606DF607
KTM500 GS50089- DF607
KTM500 MX50089-91 DF607
KTM500 MX50092-DF606DF607
KTM500 SX50093-DF606DF607
KTM500 WMX50088- DF607
KTM505 SX50507-DF606DF607
KTM525 EXC52503-03DF606DF607
KTM525 EXC52504-DF606DF607
KTM525 MXC52504-DF606DF607
KTM525 SX52503-03DF606DF607
KTM525 SX52504-DF606DF607
KTM530 EXC - R53008-DF606DF607
KTM530 XC / W53008-DF606DF607
KTM530 XC SIX DAYS53010-DF606DF607
KTM540 SXC54099-DF606DF607
KTM550 MG,XC55094-DF606DF607
KTM560 SMR56007-DF672DF607
KTM600 4T GARA60091-92DF606DF607
KTM600 4T GS60093-93DF606DF607
KTM600 4T GS60094-DF606DF607
KTM600 ENDURO LC4, INCAS60088- DF607
KTM600 ER LCH60088- DF607
KTM600 MX LC460090-DF606DF607
KTM620 DUKE62095-02 DF607
KTM620 LC4 EXC, EGS, SX62094-DF672DF607
KTM625 EXC62503-DF606DF607
KTM625 SMC62506- DF607
KTM640 LC4 ADVENTURE R64006-DF672DF607
KTM640 LC4 ADVENTURE R64099-05DF672DF607
KTM640 LC4 ENDURO64099-DF672DF607
KTM640 LC4 SUPERMOTARD64002-04 DF607
KTM640 LC4 SUPERMOTARD (DF606SM)64005-DF606DF607
KTM85 SX 17/14 19/168521-DF794DF607

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