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Sherco Xtrem Chain Guide ( 2014 - 2023 ) - Blue

Sherco Xtrem Chain guide. Weight : 0.35 Kg. Blue chain guide for Sherco 250SE Racing / 300SE Racing / 250SE Factory / 300SE Factory / 250SC Factory / 300SC Factory / 250SEF Factory / 300SEF Factory / 250SEF Racing / 300SEF Racing / 250SCF Factory / 300SCF Factory ! Made for enduro and hard enduro use, it protects the front fixation tab like nobody on the market and will reduce the risk to break it. It has been machined in the mass of UHMW plastic, which offers a better durability and protection for your chain and sproket. For an ultimate protection, you can add our reinforced swing arm guard (you’ll fin dit in the chain guides category), this will completly cover the fixation points. Used by SHERCO OFFICIAL TEAM on the Rally races and by WADE YOUNG and MARIO ROMAN on extreme races. ONLY AXP RACING HAS BEEN ISSUED USA PATENT and EUROPEAN PATENT. Made in Europe

Reference: AX1613

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