Forcefield Pro Shirt X-V 1

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Forcefield Body Armour Clothing: Pro Shirt X-V 1 & 2Range

All armoured clothing products are now brought into the same family using the ‘Pro’ Name.

Technological advances in armour manufacture, in terms of thinner, lighter and more protective construction combined with engineered fabric and production techniques, make this range truly the pinnacle of armour technology and sports protection.

Staying true to the original concepts of Forcefield being the most protective yet also the most comfortable, breathable, lightweight and non-restrictive system.

·         PRO SHIRT X-V 1 (FF3036)

CE2 Back and Chest. Isolator 1 Limb Armour

·         PRO SHIRT X-V 2 (FF3046)

CE2 Back and Chest. Isolator 2 Limb Armour

All new - every area improved. Both Pro Shirts feature CE level 2 back and chest protectors, with an option of either Isolator CE1 or Isolator CE2 armour in the arms and shoulders.

New production techniques have resulted in a super strong open mesh (X Vents) that is even more breathable, yet super soft and strong. This runs through the high heat areas and also provides ‘armour windows’, not only looking good, but also providing extra breathability and lightness.

The CE2 back and chest armour parts have been re-designed and now provide unrivalled ‘free fitting’ flexibility. This is achieved by a unique cutting pattern throughout the layers of Forcefield’s own DRI-M technology (Dynamic Reactive Intelligent Materials).

●             New X Vents provide increased airflow.

●             ‘Armour windows’ providing extra venting.

●             Lighter weight, breathable BeCool™ base layer fabric.

●             Lighter weight removable armour.

●             Choice of Isolator CE1 or CE2 limb armour.

●             Armour thickness from only 8mm (CE1).

●             Isolator 2 (limb armour) passes all 4 areas of the CE2 test (Ambient, Wet, Hot, Cold).

●             Redesigned chest and back protector parts (CE2) and now ‘free fitting’.

●             Repeat Performance Technology (RPT).

●             DRI-M Technology (Dynamic, Reactive, Intelligent Material).

●             Available in sizes X-Small, Small, Medium, Large, X-Large, XX-Large.

The new Pro clothing range includes: Pro Shirt X-V 1 & 2, Pro Jacket X-V 1 & 2, Pro Vest X-V 1 & 2, Pro Tube 1 & 2, Pro Pants 1 & 2, Pro Shorts 1 & 2.

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